System-ManufacturingVarnishing. Potting. Cable Assembly. Mounting. Packing.

Manufacturing services throughout the whole added value chain!




Many companies have the need to outsource more than just the PCB assembly to external manufacturing partners.

Increasing cost pressures in the system assembly, but also the desire to focus on ones own core competencies are the underlying reasons, why more and more companies ask for manufacturing solutions for their complete added value chain.

Our manufacturing partners offer a range of different skills and services for a successful system assembly at a high technical level.

  • System-Manufacturing
    • Customized plastic- or metal housing assemblies
    • Keyboard- and touch panel assemblies
    • Display assemblies
    • Integration of complex mechatronics
    • Structural components- and heat-sink assemblies
    • Pre-assemblies and wiring racks
    • Cabinets assemblies
    • RF waveguide technologies and assemblies
    • Fiber optic system assemblies incl. splicing
    • Professional assembly of power semiconductors and IGBT-modules
    • "Poka Yoke" solutions
  • Connectivity
    • Cable- and connector assemblies
  • Special process technology
    • Cleaning
    • Varnishing(Off-/In-Line)
    • Certonal coating
    • System potting
    • Foamed protection
    • Glueing of components