Product Qualification and QualitymanagementProduct Validation. QM-Processes. Quality Awareness. Better Products.

Quality is economical and improves customer satisfaction!



A company or brand image can quickly suffer if its products do not provide the quality expected and demanded by the customer.

Therefore responsible companies have their products already tested in the development phase to its environmental behavior. Temparature, humidity and mechanical stress are simulated and the product is so optimized in its EMC performance.

However, also the correct selection of materials, sophisticated manufacturing and testing processes as well as an established quality awareness among employees provide better and more durable products.

EMSsourcing offers you certified suppliers who have the necessary test equipment and process skills for your products in place.

  • Product-Qualification
    • Climate test (temperature, humidity)
    • Test for chemical resistance
    • Mechanical stress test (vibration, shock resistance)
    • EMC test/EMC optimization
    • Funktional safety to SIL requirements 1-3
    • RF- and antenna measurement
    • Design- and process-FMEA
    • X-ray flourescence-spectrometry in the material analysis
  • Quality Management Systems
    • QM system according to ISO9001
    • Environmental management according to ISO14001
    • QM system for medical products according to ISO13485
    • QM system for automotive products according to ISO/TS16949
    • QM system for aerospace products according to EN9100/EN9110
    • QM system for explosion-proof products according to EN13980 ATEX
    • Quality assurance requirements of the NATO according to AQAP 2110
  • Admission Procedures
    • CE, VDE, UL
    • JAR-21/JAR-145 of aircraft and related products (federal aviation authority)
  • Process-Documentations
    • Test certificates
    • Traceability systems on manufacturing batch- and component level
    • Databases for product related test- and calibration results