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Professional services from suppliers at your standard levels!


Our suppliers differ in size, market focus and service portfolio.

On the one hand, this is the basis of our corporate philosophy, on the other hand it offers you unique advantages. Our business strategy ensures that EMSsourcing can provide you with suitable solutions without the restrictions of conflict with the interests of a single service company.

From us you will not hear phrases such as "Sorry, but we do not have enough capacity at the moment" or "Your business size does not fit our corporate strategy". Please don't get us wrong, we like to support openess and honesty.

Whether you wish to order a simple layout change, product development, manufacturing samples, smaller volume demand or a high volume serial manufacturing, we will present you an all encompassing service solution from suppliers at your same standard levels.

  • A summary of the services our suppliers can offer:
    • Development of electronic assemblies and systems (more about Electronics Development)
    • Development and production of drawing parts (plastic, aluminum, zinc, metal sheet, cable harnesses, PCB's, packaging)
    • Re-Design of old fashioned products
    • Layout Services
    • Qualification tests (more about Product Qualification and Qualitymanagement)
    • Highfrequency and antenna measurement technology
    • Sample and prototype services
    • Development of process test equipment and tools
    • SMD- and THT-Assembly (more about Electronics-Manufacturing)
    • Micro assembly under clean room conditions (i.a. Bonding, Flip-Chip-Bonding)
    • System assembly (more about System-Manufacturing)
    • Calibrations (DKD- and ISO-compliant)
    • Cabinets assembly
  • A summary of the market segmentation our suppliers focus on:

    Market Segmentation