About usYou seek advice or even for a new supplier?

It is our job to support you in this!

About us

With over 22 years of experience in the successful implementation of projects for industrial, medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace and defense markets, we are able to provide you with comprehensive solutions and professional services to the highest expected standards.

EMSsourcing can provide answers to all the questions you might have on the subject of "Electronic-Outsourcing" and facilitate contact with suppliers from Germany, Poland and Hungary. We guide you through practical examples what it means to transfer your products from Germany to a low-wage country. Conversely, we can evaluate and exemplify many good reasons why companies have their products still manufactured locally or even transfer them back again; And this with success!

Do you have product quality problems, obsolete material, old-fashioned products, non-competitive material cost, no electronics experience or other problems, EMSsourcing can advise you and propose you professional and pragmatic solutions.

You question yourself, why you offering this to me?

Our advice and proposals are cost-free and a non-binding service. However it creates trust in our competences, provides you a benefit and offers us the opportunity to put you in contact with our wide range of suppliers. So both sides win!

May we relieve your procurement?

In addition, you can order EMSsourcing to carry out and organize requests for quotations (RFQ's) for your products to national and/or international suppliers of your choice. In close dialogue with you, we relieve you from the preparation as well as from the technical and commercial communication of your needs and product specifications. Benefit from the fact that your inquiry needs to be discussed and explained only once: With us! This provides added value to you as so you are able to dedicate your resources to other necessities of your business. On request, EMSsourcing can present you the quotation process summary, support you with a decision matrix or create independent supplier reports.

Without trust, it does not work!

We are aware that development and manufacturing services are an absolute matter of trust. On request, we can ensure in a confidentiality agreement, that any information provided to us will not be disclosed to any third party. Also without confidentiality agreement in place, we work with all information and documents provided with the necessary secrecy. In any case, your approval will always be obtained on our behalf prior to starting any discussion with one of our suppliers.

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