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EMSsourcing is your partner when it comes to selecting a suitable and competent development service provider.

We offer you non-binding access to powerful development companies, but also to contract manufacturing service providers offering their own development expertise.

EMSsourcing only represents professional suppliers. An effective project management ensures time keeping development progress and ensures that manufacturing and testing aspects are already taken into account during the design phase of the product. This reduces the costs of industrialization and simultaneously ensures that the developed product can be manufactured with competitive processes and with high quality.

Our development service providers offer a variety of different project references ranking from simple micro-controller applications, drives- and power electronics to complex medical devices or diesel-injection control units for the automotive market.

  • Control-, power- and measurement technology
    • 8-32 bit micro-controller applications
    • Families: ARM, Atmel, ST7, H8, C16x, M16, MSP430, PIC, V850
    • Analog circuit design, inverter-, drive- and power electronic
    • Sensor- und measurement design
    • FPGA-Design
  • Interfaces, BUS-concepts, wireless and high frequency technology
    • PCI, PCI X, PS/2, USB, Firewire, PCMCIA, PC-Card, J1850
    • RS232, RS422/485, CAN, CANopen, LIN
    • LON, Ethernet, Powerlink, M-Bus, Profibus
    • DECT, WLAN, ISM430/860/2400, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM/GPRS
    • RF-circuit design, RF-amplifier, RF-Transmitter/Receiver, antenna design
  • Input- and display systems, MMI
    • Carbon soft panels, pushbutton panels, rotating encoders, touch panels
    • Customized foil keyboards with integrated LED technology
    • TFT, STN, OLED und LCD-Displays
  • Power supplies, charging technology
    • Customized power supplies (incl. PFC), DC/DC converter, inverter, chargers
  • Software
    • "embedded"-solutions for a variety of micro-controller families
    • RTOS, OS-Adaptations (Windows, Linux)
    • Structured workflow and controlling (i.a. V-model)
    • Software for test equipment
    • Simulation: Matlab Simulink, dSPACE
  • Drawing parts
    • Plastic injection molding parts incl. tools
    • Die casting parts made of aluminum, magnesium or zinc
    • Metal sheet parts
    • Cable- and connector harnesses
    • Product specific packaging material